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Our Services

Graphic Design

Attention-grabbing digital assets of your brand that will illustrate how you are different from your competitor.

Website Design

A responsive web site that will make your content look good on any screen (desktops, tablets & phones).

Print Services

We provide your business all types of print services. From banners to promotional products we do it all to promote your business.

Digital Marketing

We will take your products & services to another level with data-driven, customer experience and mobile marketing.

Social Media Marketing

We take your existing or create social media platforms for your business and use that traffic and deliver them to areas to grow your business.

PPC Campaigns

Google / Bing to create full scale campaigns to grow your product and high conversion on your services within your area or beyond.

Influencer Engagement

Place your brand within a new audience and make the right connections and drive new business to your location.

Brand Experience

We help small businesses reach their potential growth and evolve their vision to provide a great customer service.

Additional Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google + Optimization

Local SEO

Video Content & SEO

Custom Keyword Building

Google Analytics Performance Tracking

Video Promotional Services:

360 Photos / Videos

Engaging Videos of Your Business

Great for Social Media, YouTube & Vimeo

Custom Video Assets

Reputation Mangagement

Social Media Advertisting

Drone Photos / Videos

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Email Marketing

Custom Graphic Design + Layout

Cost Effective Campaigns

Social Media Integration

Constant Contact Newsletter

Contact List Management

Is your Web Site Responsive?

Responsive web pages make your website look great on desktop, tablets and mobile phones!


Device friendly

Dynamic content that changes to the device you are on.

better experience

Correct padding and spacing with Optimized images and much more!

Easy navigation

Navigation allows the user to easily navigate and engage on your site.


Small, Medium or Large: One Site for every screen!

Who is your audience in Social media?

An active social media presence is vital for your business. Your social media platforms can drive new traffic and give you the boost you may have been missing. Increased brand, improving customer loyalty, more lead opportunities and higher conversion rates are just a few to name the power that social media can help your business.

1.3 + Billon Users | Ages: 25-54
Purpose: Building Relationship!
200 Million Users | Ages: 18-29
Purpose: Building Relationships; Conversation
200 Million Users | Ages: 25-34
Purpose: News & Articles
600 Million Users | Ages: 18-29
Purpose: News & Update Conversation

About Us

Unique Designs 1 is a small growing marketing agency and we are here to help other small businesses create and manage top social media campaigns. We manage social media networks such act Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and SnapChat on your behalf. We believe with digital content and with marketing strategies we can share your story to your local community and grow your brand and grow your customers. The opportunities that the digital world has to offer are never-ending. At Unique Designs 1 no project is too small or too big. Our in-house team will custom create content for your brand and help or update your website.

We know your brand is different from the competitors and our job will be to make sure you stand out from the crowd. In short, we believe that your brand will be more effective and attractive online when you partner with Unique Designs 1. We understand that everyday social media has new developments and new insights, that will provide businesses the new opportunities to grow. We know your brand is unique so it deserves its own custom-made strategy. We will help create and manage top-performing campaigns with video content, social media campaigns and much more. Check out our Video page!

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